Ayia Napa, the tourist paradise of Cyprus, with its lovely golden beaches, clear sea waters, wonderful dreamy nights and its pleasant and warm-hearted inhabitants has maintained a simplicity of life which is in full accord with the historic traditions of Cyprus.
Geographically, Ayia Napa is situated near Cape Greco, just south of Famagusta, and forms part of a larger area known by the name of “Kokkinochorgia”(a name derived from the red-color of its soil).
Before it developed into a cosmopolitan tourist center, Ayia Napa was a purely agricultural village. Today, despite its enormous development, its people still find time to engage in their old occupations, namely farming and fishing.When the sun goes down in Ayia Napa there is a special ambience that attracts people of all ages and persuasions. On every narrow street of Ayia Napa the visitors discovers scores of interesting restaurants, pubs, taverns cafes and discos. If variety is the spice of life, than Ayia Napa has something to satisfy everyone’s taste. The Cypriot’s appreciation of the good life and his innate love of fine simple foods is reflected at his table and in his leisurely style of entertainment. Dining out is a very popular and pleasant pastime in Ayia Napa. Apart from the typical Cypriot ”meze” which is comprised of about 15-30 traditional island dishes served in colorful charming taverns, there are also countless restaurants that specialize in French, Italian and Chinese food. For a quick snack there are always Cafes and Pubs that will welcome you. Bars, Discos, Night Clubs and Bouzouki Clubs are open till the early hours of the morning.Most hotels in Ayia Napa have nightly entertainment with a resident band where there are Greek nights and Greek Folk dancing for your enjoyment. The Aiya Napa has the most entertaining nightlife in Cyprus, there are a lot of bars, discos and restaurants in the tourist area, near the Ayia Napa hotels. If you want to combine the great sun and sea of Cyprus with the amazing nightlife, Ayia Napa is the best place to go.

List of hotels in Ayia Napa:

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Adams Beach Hotel

Alion Beach Hotel

Grecian Bay Hotel

* * * *

Grecian Sands Hotel

Nissi Beach Hotel

Napa Mermaid Suites Hotel

* * *

Faros Hotel

Nestor Hotel

Stamatia Hotel

* *

Chrysland Hotel

Class “A”

Kermia Beach Bungalow Hotel Apts

So Nice Boutique Suites

So White Boutique Suites

Class “B”

Alexia Hotel Apartments