Art Installation. Manolis Hadjimanolis – Irene Zenonos

Art Installation  - Limassol Events


It is a linear representation 3 meters long depicting clashes between protestors and the police based on recent riots that took place in Greece, typical of the impasse the country had been locked in. The composition and the form of the project refer to ancient fronts and more specifically on the representations from the sarcophagus of Alexander from which it is inspired.

The effect is created by projecting on a cloth plastic figures with the technique used in shadow theater (row of lamps behind the cloth), and specifically Karagiozis, which constitutes the second major project reference which implies a social comment by transforming the figures on both sides (police and protestors) from potentially heroic into caricatures trapped in a vicious circle of subordination – revolution. Finally, the space environment (buildings, bins, etc.) is created by shadows of cheap materials such as pallets, newspapers, cardboard and more. Moreover, processed sound with a mix of the musical theme of Karagiozis and sound samples from the demonstrations sharpens the contrast between drama and satire.

Limassol Events

Opening 29 of July 20:00
30 of July – 4 of August 16:00 – 22:00

Art Installation  - Limassol Events