A multinational seaboard city, Limassol, is the main port and an essential tourists choice. It is the centre of the wine production.

Limassol is well known for its extensive hotel accommodation, which has nightclubs, bars, restaurants, taverns. In Limassol there are Carnivals and Wine Festival once a year.

Down town, the Archaeological and Folk Art Museums are located. Amathus and Curium – two ancient city – kingdoms were joined and thus appeared the city known now as Limassol. This city is the most impressive archaeological place in Cyprus. The extraordinary Greco-Roman theater is situated on the sea cliff near the Mediterranean. In the theatre you can see theatrical piece and musical concert. Close to the theatre stands the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates, the protector of the city of Curium. Limassol is a historic city and everywhere there is the smell of history. Richard the Lionheart married Berengaria in Limassol Castle that now is the Cyprus Medieval Museum.

In the west part of the city there is the Kolossi Castle, where the Crusaders made their headquarters and it is a very good example of military architecture and confirmation of their wine production.

List of hotels in Limassol:

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Amathus Beach Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel

Grand Resort Hotel

Le Meridien Resort & SPA

Londa Beach Hotel

St.Raphael Hotel

Columbia Beach Resort Hotel

Columbia Beach Hotel

* * * *

Ajax Hotel

Curium Palace Hotel

Crown Plaza Hotel

Mediterranean Beach Hotel

* * *

Aquarius Hotel

Golden Arches Hotel

* *

Caravel  Hotel

Pefkos Hotel

Class “A”

Blue Crane Apts

Chrielka Hotel Apts

Class “B”

Ser Criso Hotel Apts

Andreas & Melani Beach Hotel